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Gathering Information , Marketing,

 Business Strategies 


Big Insight

​Intelligent Data Analysis Platform

One-stop data analysis platform | Linking multi-dimension data | 
Effective data integration and organization | Real-time visualizing result
  • Enterprises may encounter various data analysis problems in their work, such as making reports, analyzing tools that cannot load big data, and analyzing chart results that do not meet requirements.

  • Big Insight can automatically connect data sources from internal data, market external information and various databases, so that you can easily integrate and organize data. Big data can be analyzed in milliseconds and displayed instantly through dashboards that meet industry needs.

Big R

Recommended System 

Recommend the right information to the right one

Data drive with customer-centric prediction of consumer purchase behavior based on consumer browsing records, purchase behavior and purchase record transaction records, and conduct multi-item recommendation, such as product recommendation, news recommendation, service recommendation, person recommendation.

The system captures consumers' traits and preferences, enhancing  consumers' purchasing power and mobility, and also provides visual dashboard analysis performance.

​Crowdinsight Extraordinary Intelligent Algorithm 

Market Intelligence

Business Analysis 

Crowdinsight exclusive massive search technology assist you to have an insight on demand and find potential operation decision 

Crowdinsight uses exclusive searching methods to help collect relevant external information of enterprises, and our natural language processing technology to mine important business information in complex data, helping enterprises understand market demand and potential demand, competitive changes. 

Crowdinsight's analysis helps companies to seize the opportunity from big data, leading the industry in advance to develop precise business strategies, marketing strategies, product development direction.


Social Listening

Community Analysis

Comprehensive network information

Insight into consumer needs・ Enhance corporate image

Through precise semantic analysis, natural language processing and other techniques are combined with emotion analysis, positive and negative volume maps, discussion heat map and other functions. This provides different levels of analysis at the enterprise to grasp the deeper needs of consumers, and make operational adjustments after understanding consumer needs, such as improving product service policies and adjusting marketing strategies.




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