Smart Marketing

Data-driven personally-centric analysis brings new experiences to everyone while assisting enterprise in business management and decision making.

Omni-Channel Integration

Customer-centric, seamlessly integrate customer experience from Online to Offline channel, 

helping enterprise optimize revenue.

Supply Chain Optimization

Customers' demand as data-driven, minimized the cost of SCM, production dispatch, inventory management, and purchase management. 

Customer Profiling

Through purchase history and behavior trajectory, Crowdinsight provides a detailed profile of target customer, making your business more efficient.  

Retail Real-Time Analysis System

Integrate several fields including data, marketing, forecasting retail industry, and showcase all the insight on a dynamic dashboard. The service helps your enterprise adjust operational, management and marketing policies with real-time analysis and therefore increase overall efficiency of the company.

Smart Marketing

We customize the best solution for your company.





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