Internet activities have grown rapidly in recent years, data volume and data source has surged, and these valuable insights are hidden in the huge amount of differential data.

Just as many companies are facing data problems, Crowdinsight established in 2015, helping our clients dig out insight and give life to big data. Crowdinsight has a diverse marketing channels and important business partner.


Collaborating with our partner, Crowdinsight devoted ourselves to create personal solution to our clients, helping them tackle operating, managing and marketing problems. 


Acquire information from the Crowd,
Refine valuable insight. 

Combine industrial knowledge and information technology

Data-driven companies with big data

​Informative Intelligence、Operating Intelligence、Data Intelligence

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Team members have expertise in machine intelligence/deep learning/machines learning, natural language processing,

big data computing, artificial intelligence, etc.

Crowdinsight has developed

many powerful modules independently or collaboratively with partner, leading all the competitors in the market. 


Senior Data Analysts in 

Crowdinsight are all coming from Academia Sinica Institute of Information 

Science. Crowdinsight also been selected as a partner by international software companies. 


Integrated significant projects in the past, Crowdinsight has built a powerful data analysis platform. 

The platform not only let Crowdinsight undertake multiple projects but leads all the competitors on Cloud Service such as Big Data as a Service.

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